Embassy of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria
Avenue de Tervuren 288
1150 Brussels
Tel: + 32 (0)2 762 5200
Fax: +32 (0)2 762 3763

                 We wish to inform the esteemed visitors of this website that the migration of this website
(www.nigeriabrussels.be) into a new one has been effected.  The new website (
www.nigeriabrussels.eu) is
designed to be responsive for mobile devices also.   The only change in the address of the new website is the
replacement of .be with .eu in the domain name.

2.                  Please be informed that the new site is fully functional now as the current website will be offline
soon.  All visitors are hereby encouraged to make use of the new website (www.nigeriabrussels.eu) henceforth.

3.                   Thank you for your cooperation and Happy Surfing.

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Website: www.nigeriabrussels.eu
Email: nigeriabrussels@belgacom.net
20th April 2017
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